!! OMG, Melania has a message for the nation regarding #BeBest !!

Don Jr. may not like what she has to say! Check out Vic Berger‘s latest above!

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2 Comments on "OMG, Melania has a message for the nation regarding #BeBest"

  1. Who is this guy Vic Berger ? Anyone can be made to look foolish by manipulative editing. I imagine if they were politically ‘correct’ i.e. Leftist, a presumable drug habit would be looked upon kindly. But for those on the Right, absolutely cold contempt !
    I just hope when the time comes, people have the guts to think for themselves !

  2. Who cares? Fake president. Fake first lady…seriously, the so called first lady of America did porn the self righteous hypocritical right is okay with that? If Biden or Obama were married to porn queens, you damn well know the right would not let it go. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.
    And the worst part of all…we have 4 more years of this white trash family in the white house because America’s presidents are selected not elected. If they were elected, Clinton would be the president right now and America wouldn’t be leading the way with Covid cases and deaths. She also wouldn’t have called Covid a hoax and she would have worn a mask…unlike the great orange idiot who now has Covid. Karma’s a bitch Mr pretend president.

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