!! Meredith Vieira makes a dirty gay joke on air !!

Jake Gyllenhaal had to endure an embarassing gay sex joke from Meredith Vieira during his appearance on Today last week, but he took it with style. What was he sitting on anyway? (via Good As You)

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6 Comments on "Meredith Vieira makes a dirty gay joke on air"

  1. I love Meredith! I’m pretty sure it was by accident since she was so quick to re-phrase the question. If she was making a joke on purpose, she is really using old material. A Brokeback Mountain joke is the equivalent of a Clinton-Lewinsky joke – SO over.

  2. Oh my hahaha. I’m sure it was by accident- (i thought it was funny anyway) but she had mentioned “sitting on ” something earlier in the interview too so pretty sure it was a slip- and of course you can always count on Jake to take things with utmost grace

  3. well, i hope it was something nice and hard from heath!
    personally, he’s welcome to sit on me any time.

  4. ?? Was that riskay? If people pricked their ears up when she said that, they would not like Australian TV. Sunrise, our equivalent of Today (we do have a Today too but it’s shit), is pretty bloody funny and riaskay in parts.

  5. OMG; I’d love to smack the shit out of her!

  6. For some reason I wanted the joke to be funny, but it so wasn’t even and Jake Gyllenhaal is so lame in interviews, he has no good comebacks. Jon Stewart interviewed him the other night and all they talked about was baseball. So fucking dull.

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