!! Merry Christmess from Zanta !!

Happy New Year everybody! I’m feeling festive, in part thanks to this billboard that just went up at the intersection of Queen St. and Gladstone Ave. It’s a special message from that Toronto institution Zanta, and reminds us what the holiday season is all about. You may know Zanta from his shirtless antics on the subway, or maybe from his recent club appearances, but he seems to be on a PR blitz, as he now even has his own website. To hear the Z-man promote his website and give his opinion on Christmas (and make some weird noises), watch the video after the jump. Yes yes yes!
UPDATE: Torontoist has clearer photos that weren’t taken with my crappy cell phone camera.

And just for fun, a video of Zanta where he can usually be found: doing push-ups on the subway near Yonge and Bloor Sts.

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3 Comments on "Merry Christmess from Zanta"

  1. god this guy pisses me off.

  2. Hey Frank, thanks for the link to Torontoist! This might be a double post, please forgive me if it is.
    Just some more details about the billboard: it was done by Fauxreel (http://www.fauxreel.ca), who also happens to be one of our contributors. In his post on Torontoist he also included some shots of him making the billboard. The man likes his billboard hacking, what can I say?
    I’ve met Zanta a few times and all he ever does is tell me how I have to bulk up, because he “used to look like me” (tall and thin) until he started doing a thousand pushups a day. Then he hits on whatever girls I happen to be with at the time (who are only slightly older than his daughter, by the way). Interesting fellow.

  3. That billboard was a complete revelation to our drunken entourage on NYE. The Sun did a story last year on how he appeared dressed like that during a child-custody hearing. The article also said CityTV successfully slapped him with a restraining order, banning him from going anywhere east of Spadina, west of University, north of King and south of College. I guess he’s migrated to Parkdale.

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