!! Michigan says ‘no’ to Canadian trash !!

Toronto waste management yellow bag
Canada is so progressive that environmentalists have kept the Ontario government from opening landfills for the millions of tons of garbage generated by Toronto and the rest of the province. This ensures that Canada is a pristine, trash-free kingdom. The only problem is that Canadians (including environmentalists) generate a lot of garbage, and it is currently being shipped over the border to Michigan, but maybe not for much longer.
Members of the Michigan Congress are trying to ban the imported waste because they claim illegal drugs (I hope they don’t mean prescription ones for seniors) have come across the border in garbage trucks, but I suspect that it’s just because they like f*cking with Canada. If they succeed, “we will have waste not being picked up on the streets [of Toronto] within 72 hours because there will be no place to take it,” according to an official Ontario waste management guy. That sounds horrible, so I hope Michigan simmers down about this whole issue, especially since it is already full of garbage anyway. What’s a little bit more?

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