!! Rules for the missus !!

A sex-obsessed Iowa man was recently arrested for kidnapping and raping his own wife, but that isn’t even the gross part. He had drawn up a four-page “Contract of Wifely Duties” that included rules of behavior for his wife that governed everything from her pube-shaving routine to how often she had to have her nude photo taken for the pleasure of her husband. There was also a complex system of bonus points that could be earned by surprising her husband with anal intercourse and other treats. Read the whole contract at the Smoking Gun.
contract of wifely duties
The guy is clearly an obsessive-compulsive, which begs the question: Do David Beckham and Posh have any sort of written agreement?

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2 Comments on "Rules for the missus"

  1. Funny that my wife and I should have the EXACT SAME RULES! Also, I really do insist on calling him my “wife.”

  2. Of course, every single aspect of this is disturbing — but I have to say that I’m most grossed out by his insistence that she be available for spooning AT ALL TIMES during ‘sleep time.’ What a perv.

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