!! OMG, have you heard? Mimi’s mama sued by sis over child abuse ‘Satanic sex rituals’ !!

Mariah Carey‘s sister is suing their mother for ‘sexually abusing her as a child in Satanic rituals’ [socialite life]

Pier 1 Karen has been arrested [boy culture]

Diluting the black vote for Biden: Kanye West had help getting on the ballot in Wisconsin from Donald Trump’s Republican campaign lawyer [dlisted]

Celebs keep defending Ellen and somehow end up making it worse [celebitchy]

‘I’ll publicly execute you’: QAnon trolls target gay California senator over LGBTQ rights bill [towleroad]

Alabama high school principal turns MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ into COVID-19 PSA [bet]

How to flirt in a face mask: Are we winking now? [instinct]

Are any of your favs on this list of five naked ’90s stars? [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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2 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Mimi’s mama sued by sis over child abuse ‘Satanic sex rituals’"

  1. Ugh, I have a problem with this slew of posts… Firstly, aligning yourself with anti-police brutality, deconstructing/defunding the police one week (cuz its trending), and then joyously exclaiming about someone getting arrested the next – That’s the same shoddy allyship that was common place for this site a few years back. I thought you guys have grown..
    Disgusted with comparing package sizes of the two most famous Simoan men, just because they are Simoan? That’s blatant racism, similar to personifying black men as walking big dicks. This long time reader is pissed. I was proud of all the growth you guys made so, please do better.

    • Good critique, Morgana! We’ve chosen a different Fleshbot link and adjusted the tone of our link to the Karen piece. Thanks for pointing out our blindspots.

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