!! Mischa Barton as Dominatrix !!

Mischa Barton dominatrix Bebe photo
In these new Bebe ads, Mischa Barton looks like she has already been bossing men around for years, so jaded are her eyes about the whole thing. Or is that just her usual vacuous stare? Maybe next time Bebe does a “problem teen with a vodka bottle” ad campaign, Mischa might bring a little more life to her photos. (via ELH)
PLUS: Remember these? Mischa is just “being cool” with vinyl this time.

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1 Comment on "Mischa Barton as Dominatrix"

  1. She is a dominatrix, she likes to pick up money the wrong way. She’s so deep into she might not have a chance of getting out she told my father she would marry him if he pushed down on me. She gets upset if she might not get what she wants the wrong way. She is working for the man.

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