!! Movie Memories: Joel Gibb of ‘The Hidden Cameras’ picks ‘The Blue Lagoon’ !!

Movie Memories is the recurring feature in which musicians tell us the scene of male nudity that left the greatest impression on their once-impressionable minds.

For this edition, Hidden Cameras frontman Joel Gibb discusses his adolescent experience with Christopher Atkins‘s peen.

Well, the earliest cinematic image of male nudity I can remember must have been catching a glimpse of Christopher Atkins in “The Blue Lagoon” on City TV when I was in grade 7 or thereabouts. There is a pretty short but revealing shot that the camera catches from below of his bits as he is swimming that was pretty exciting. There is also that masturbating chimp that was pretty entertaining/educational.

The NSFW clip is after the jump along with some key stills and other nudes of Christopher Atkins.

The swimming scene begins at 1:35. Stills are below.

Click to enlarge:
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