!! OMG, How Romantic: Virgin Mobile Advertising !!

I’m easy. Put a couple of hot guys getting gay on your billboard and I am completely sold on your product. Pity us gays: we’ll throw our pretty pink dollars around in exchange for the most paltry corporate hugs and kisses. We just want to feel loved!
But, hey, truth: I actually used to have a Virgin Mobile phone and it was really great. Then I accidentally let the number lapse and got this Verizon prepaid thing instead and it sucks complete shit!
SO the moral of the story is that companies with kissing gays in their ads make better products. Full disclosure: they didn’t give me anything to say this, I’m just stupid enough to give away free publicity for basically no reason.

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  1. i’m a big fan of dudes kissing.. and i get the tag line about hooking up fearlessly.. but what the hell is up with the angel wings ?!?

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