!! Movie Memories: Róisín Murphy picks ‘Don’t Look Now’ !!

Movie Memories is the ongoing feature in which we ask famous people: What naked man movie moment sticks out (ahem) in your mind the most?
This week, pop star Róisín Murphy turns the clock back to 1973 and remembers the infamous love scene from Nicolas Roeg’s ghostly thriller Don’t Look Now, starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland.

“My weird friends showed me this movie when I was 14. I remember a lot of sniggering going on because the word was the sex was real!” she says. “Whether real or not the scene is incredibly visceral. All the sweat and strain. It’s so sexy because the characters are married. Everyday marital sex is inter-cut with mundane images of them getting dressed after the sex. We were all in love with Julie Christie.”

And what of reports that Róisín plans to create her own Movie Memories for a future music video? “I would love to do a love scene with a great actor,” she says. “Though it would have to be directed by Nicolas Roeg.”

See NSFW images from Don’t Look Now after the jump!

Donald Sutherland explains how this memorable scene was shot:

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4 Comments on "Movie Memories: Róisín Murphy picks ‘Don’t Look Now’"

  1. Such a hot scene because they both just went for it, but its done with great tenderness too and is intercut with their getting dressed afterwards, which gives it a great carnal afterglow and mellow quality. Sutherland is not my idea of hot, but Christie is sexy as all getout with her slim figure and that gorgeous face.

  2. this scene is a 100 kinds of kinky

  3. Was she licking his armpit? Cool I never knew straights did that…maybe they tossed some salad too.

  4. omgblog, thank you thank you thank you. When I was in film class a few years ago, we watched an editing documentary which examined this scene. I always wondered what movie it was from, because I loved the idea of passion intercut with mundane. You just helped me a ton!
    So yeah, thanks!

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