!! OMG, how unfortunate: Snuggie !!

Snuggie, the blanket with arms, costs only $14.95 and will save you from those pesky arm-confining death-traps called “regular blankets”. But wait, I have an even better offer. I’ll save you $14.95 with four words: WEAR YOUR HOUSECOAT BACKWARD.

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6 Comments on "OMG, how unfortunate: Snuggie"

  1. THIS is retarded….
    35 pounds! holy crap!
    The Slanket

  2. just don’t get why you think it’s okay to call this retarded. It’s beyond weird and silly but not retarded. As the mom of a special needs kid I can tell you there isn’t a lot that is funny about being retarded. People with special needs deserve your respect, not your ridicule.

  3. Do these people live in caves? When are you that cold that you need to wear a snuggie to pour coffee? And the book light as a free gift? They all have their lights on. So, in conclusion… cave dweller with no electricity? Snuggie and book light for you. Everyone else? Take your 14.95 and do netflix for a month.

  4. hmmmm, how do you keep your ass warm?

  5. It makes everyone look like they are waiting for the kool-aid or the spaceship.

  6. The “Snuggie” makes everyone look like a monk…or a wizard…or a voodoo priestess. Egads.

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