!! MySpace illustrates why I don’t go outside !!

MySpace Rick James photo
I’ve always preferred Friendster to MySpace, even when some of my friends started switching and telling me how much better MySpace is, how you can customize your profile, and how it’s just BETTER. Well as soon as I joined MySpace, I started getting all these messages from crappy bands, because MySpace fosters a “music community.” Then I would get random friend requests from teenagers who had “customized” their pages so much with blinking icons and embedded music that they crashed my browser. But those things are really the tip of the iceberg.
A scientific study over at Moneydick has pinpointed many other reasons why MySpace highlights the worst in people: misspellings, bad poetry, teen angst, goths, animated GIFs, overuse of the phrase “I’m Rick James, Bitch,” and much more. It’s hilarious and depressing, and will make you cast a suspicious eye on just about everyone.
BONUS: Nervous Breakdown regularly highlights the most extreme MySpace pages. Proceed with caution.

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4 Comments on "MySpace illustrates why I don’t go outside"

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  2. I just feel that the losers on Friendster are not so EMPOWERED. Take away the animated gifs and embedded music and you can almost forget they are there.

  3. Sorry Frank.
    Friendster sucks. 🙂
    Just because all of those various losers are on Myspace DOES NOT exclude the same volume and degree of losers from Friendster.
    Not buying it.
    love you, mean it,

  4. Facebook is way better.

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