18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Álex Molero goes full-frontal in Spanish series ‘Historias Para No Contar’ (2022)"

  1. We all know the last time u got cock the world was in black and white. Sit down, shut up and wonder why ur so disliked that Joseph Fritzel wouldn’t build u a kennel, never mind a basement.

  2. DUDE!!!!!!!………
    I AM SHOCKED……..

    • Oh hi SHANNON SWEETIE! Let’s repeat it together so you don’t forget! I will not troll OMGBlog, I will not troll OMGBlog, I will not troll OMGBlog, I will not troll OMGBlog……

    • Maybe when you’ve finished your vodka bottle you can use it to shove up your ass seeing as you’re a size queen and like big things up there. Maybe it will shatter and do us all a favor.

    • @Shannon: I would keep quiet if I were you… eesh.

    • Seems hypocritical… “Shannon” and I hooked up once and he’s not in a position to judge, let me tell you LOL.

  3. Sexy dick! I would love to see it grow in my hands 🙂

  4. Scott Samuel | July 11, 2023 at 12:23 am | Reply

    I hope he’s a grower. Otherwise, he is perfect marriage material.

  5. Sammy's Daddy | July 10, 2023 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    The guy who is full on showing cock is beautiful and so is his cock! He may be a grower but I think he’s perfect just like that! Yes, I’m a reverse size king. (I refuse to refer to myself as a “queen”)

  6. I need him to be my next ex husband.

  7. Richard Vestal | July 10, 2023 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    I know that this man has a really beautiful face.

  8. Delicious man and delicious cock!

  9. So the guy in the photo with the shirt and necktie and the blazer thrown over his shoulder and the guy with his hands behind his head and who is showing us everything are the same guy? Sure doesn’t look like it. They look nothing alike. Maybe the guy who is entering the shower and who is shown from the side where we can only see part of his penis and the guy in the photo with the shirt and necktie and the blazer thrown over his shoulder are one and the same.

    • Rarely have I ever read something so… meaninglessly senseless around here.

      • Wow! There are more and more idiots passing through OMG BLOG by the day! I was posing a question to someone who might answer the question a miserable creep like you. The very first pic of the guy who is dressed does not look like the guy who is actually giving us a full frontal view. But I’m not like the other people on here who complain and give the administrators grief about a pic being full frontal or not. So I was trying to figure out if the guy who is dressed is the one who’s actually entering the shower and we can see his side profile. If you don’t know the answer, then you should have kept moving along instead of showing everyone else how dumb and miserable you are! Idiot!! You are meaningless and a waste of space on this site and on Earth.

  10. Oof! Nicer than I expected!
    He looks great when wet.

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