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  1. thankfully, there have been nude weigh in pics of even muhammad ali. he was truly gorgeous nude.

  2. Hello-

    during WW II the Armed Forces commissioned Edward steichen the leading
    American photographer at the time to do a series of photo sessions showing
    the young service men going about their daily lives while not fighting. the
    photos were published in two books about 15 tears ago. unfortunately I can’t
    remember the book names. many of the photos contain nudity. in fact many
    of the photos are gay as you can get and still be G rated.

  3. Richard Vestal | July 23, 2021 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    Okay OMG, bring us more of these Ventage pics, nice, clear pics.

  4. I’d be very interested to know what the specific issue was for this. It’s hard to imagine male frontal nudity in Life magazine ever, let alone in the 50s. Was there really a casual nudity period we missed in publishing? This photo also doesn’t appear anywhere else on the internet as far as I know. As someone who loves men but also internet research, I’m curious!

    • I once heard it said that if everyone in the world took their clothes off at once, in 10 minutes everyone would wonder what the big deal wast. Life published photos of nude servicemen during World War II, so this was nothing new for them.

      • Did they? What issues? I’m seriously curious to see what that looks like in context. Feels so odd to imagine it next to an ad for a mayonnaise based dinner.

    • Read the caption carefully. The picture was found in the archines- it doesn’t say it was ever published. Also note how the guys on either side are holding a robe shielding a frontal view and they are partially blocking the side view. Whoever took the picture was obviously purposefully getting more of a full view then was intended. Boxers are often weighed in the nude, we just don’t get that many pictures. And back when, nudity amongst the same sex was often treated more casually than it is now. There are lots of sites dedicated to vintage pictures from things like gang showers and skinny dipping.

      • You’re right. This one, however, doesn’t appear to be anywhere else on the internet. Was wondering what the source was for OMGBlog. I think Google Books has lots of Life issues readily available, so wasn’t sure if it was that.

    • I saw some nude photos of Steve McQueen taken that were from a Life Magazine photo shoot for a cover story on him. Of course when the issue came out, those photos were buried but thanks to the internet, we finally got a chance to see them. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed

    • Carl Olson was an American boxer. He was the World Middleweight champion between October 1953 and December 1955, the longest reign of any champion in that division during the 1950s. His nickname Bobo was based on his younger sister’s mispronunciation of “brother”.

      Born: July 11, 1928, Honolulu, HI
      Died: January 16, 2002, Honolulu, HI
      Height: 5′ 10″
      Weight: 175 lbs
      Division: Middleweight
      Children: Dawn Olson, Brenda Olson
      Siblings: Mathilda Howze, Bernice Sullivan

  5. Nice vintage shot

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