!! OMG, he’s naked: Brazilian male fashion model and reality TV star Luis Coppini !!

Brazilian fashion model and reality TV star Luis Coppini storms the runway in nothing but his birthday suit! And the shower. And elsewhere. Check him out after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: We have removed some of the images upon request.

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35 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Brazilian male fashion model and reality TV star Luis Coppini"

  1. It’s easy to judge people by simply looking at them and making assumptions. This beautiful man had a twin brother his name was Lucas and he tragically died in 2014. Maybe some of his, as some of you put it in your opinion hideous tattoos are a tribute to his brother and have a deep meaning to his brothers memory.

  2. Here in Brazil He s famous on big fashions shops like model, I always had a crush on him, now see his cock, ass, delicious


  4. Some people need beards to be hot and he’s definitely one of them

  5. Famous who? Not in Brazil.

  6. What’s with all the tattoo hate? I find him very hot, tattoos included. And I love his dick.

    • It’s just people trying to make themselves feel better. And trying to belittle someone over their own shortcomings ….

      • Can I get a amen!!!!!!! So true of gay men. We must embrace our differences and shortcomings and accept others for theirs.

  7. I’m Brazilian. I’m gay. Where did you take that information? In Brazil, gay marriage is legal, gays are everywhere in media, The São Paulo Gay Pride Parade is the world’s largest Pride parade. Do not mistake fake ONGs information or drug-related crimes with homophobia. Ask any American gay who went to Brazil if they feel any kind of prejudice.

  8. Do a search for Luis Coppini Nude. There are a few pre-tattoo photos, his nude runway shoot as well as a couple Pictures with his newly tattoo’d dick.

  9. He has a perfect ass. And the tattoos are hot as hell.

  10. Most beautiful man (and CAWK) posted on here in WEEKS!! More PLEASE!

  11. Such a beautiful ass

  12. This guy is gorgeous. But why did he, like so many others, go too far with the tattoos? SMH I mean a tattoo on the upper arm or the shoulder is OK. Maybe even one on the forearm is OK. But all over the torso and the legs just goes too far in my opinion. But he is still a great looking guy.

  13. Last pic was the best. Need hair around that dick.

  14. He is an attractive well formed man. I think his decision to cover his body with those ugly tattoos was a poor decision. The tattoos are just gilding the lily but only with tacky gold paint. He must be very insecure to require so much attention.

  15. Covering a perfectly attractive well formed body with those hideous tattoos is criminal. He’s already noticed. With the tattoos, he’s just grandstanding. How much attention does his insecurities require? I’m embarrassed for him.

  16. Thanks for these photos! They really did it for me

  17. Last photo was alright. In the others he was a shaved and waxed sexless bimbo.

  18. Cesar Gonzalez | April 21, 2020 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    Tats are a lot but wears them well. GOTTA ❤️ that ass n uncut meat!

  19. Same here!

  20. Very hot! Would like to imagine how much more hotter he would look without all the damn tattoos.

  21. OMG! Perfection. I might faint if I look at these photos again.

  22. Hello-

    he did a runway show with his cock hanging out? damn Brazil is wayyyyyyyy
    more open than the U.S. when it comes to sexuality.

    • Regarding sexualitu, any country is more open than the US.

    • Highest rate of murdered trans women & extreme homophobia, especially when it comes to the police.. but ok

      • pfffffff extreme homophobia??? u r kidding me right? Brazil is practically a big gay party of a country in the capitals and big cities. I don’t where u are getting your facts and news from, probably Fox News to push the America is the most civilized country out there, but I’ve been many times to Brazil cause my mom is from there and in my opinion it’s one of the most open countries I’ve ever been, I’ve met ton of gay gays and had a blast each time.

  23. Seems pretty douchey. nice ass though

  24. What does he model other than hideous, trashy tattoos?

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