!! OMG, his butt: Timothee Chalamet serves up side-ass in ‘The French Dispatch’ !!

Dune and CMBYN star Timothee Chalamet gives it to us in BLACK & WHITE with the strongest barely-there stache game we’ve seen in a while in this year’s ‘The French Dispatch’. He also has a bath-leaping moment you wont wanna miss after the NSFW jump!


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11 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Timothee Chalamet serves up side-ass in ‘The French Dispatch’"

  1. Yes, we get it. You all love your skinny, barely there, barely legal twink types. Let me know when Jake Gyllenhaal does more nudity, preferably not with Anne Hathaway, but in that shape – not his Velvet Goldmine shape (not that I would have thrown Morph out of bed). Or Ryan Reynolds does more butt nudity, again without Sandra this time, maybe with the guy who plays Cyclops in the next Deadpool.

  2. OMG!!!!

    • Oh look more snarky toxic comments from the blotto troll! A little more coherent than your last post about Mimi. Not quite as drunk this time? I’ll repeat what I said when you posted that comment about Mimi: GO BACK TO REHAB AND LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE! We’ve all had enough. There’s even people posting with names like “everyonehatesshannon” – doesn’t that give you a clue…oh wait, I’m thinking someone with severe alcohol brain damage can think….

  3. I’m glad you guys (and gals?) are indifferent to Timothée’s pulchritude, because that means all the more for me!

    I think he’s a terrific screen actor–miles ahead of the next best–and he’s smart as a whip, to boot (to lasso two clichés). I’m glad he speaks French. Moi aussi.

  4. Have him bathed and brought to my chambers immediately!

  5. can we get some non shady comments…must be hard for all these model commentators to have to lower themselves to come to this site lol

    • Geez crawl out of his ass dude, he’s not gonna sleep with you

      • He never said he was going to. It’s just sad & borderline pathetic how insanely cold, crass, hateful, judgmental and secular and just how far down their nose some of these people seemingly look for jabs, disses and put-downs as if they themselves are all supermodels with chiseled, Greek God like bodies. It’s both ever so taxing and extremely tiresome. How odd from members of a community that strive and fight so hard to NOT be treated that way and seek inclusion and equality.

  6. Nah, sorry. He’s a good actor and seems pleasant enough, but it’s not doing anything for me.

  7. He reminds of that geeky kid that always looks greasy and has a BO problem

  8. That boy looks like a plucked chicken

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