!! OMG, he’s naked: Model, boy-band manager, and ‘Bachelorette’ contestant Kenny Braasch !!

Bachelorette season 16 contestant Kenny Braasch has had a diverse career. His official ABC bio says that the 39-year-old is “a talent buyer in Chicago, where he creates and manages boy band cover bands.” Robin Antin, watch out!

Kenny also had a stint as a model where he shot some beautiful nudes. Check them out after the NSFW jump!


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36 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Model, boy-band manager, and ‘Bachelorette’ contestant Kenny Braasch"

  1. Michael Simonds | September 11, 2021 at 7:03 am | Reply

    One Hot Nude Man!

  2. He’s circumcised. He doesn’t have a huge bush to start with, so why the landing strip? Very hot.

  3. Didn’t notice the chicken until the fifth time lol whoops

  4. You are all creepy old gay fucks

  5. Beautiful man. The two stars on the abs are a distraction from all of the work he has done to maintain his build. The shorter hair is more attractive and masculine.

    He is cut.

  6. I’ll never understand why guys think shaping their pubes into a Hitler moustache is good idea.

  7. Sculpted like a demigod, he’s a stunner!

  8. Too many tattoos. Nice body , stupid pube job. Why don’t hetero guys realise hair is sexy and vice versa.

    • alot of women dont like hair when their sucking so straight men have to trim if they want head or go to gay men hahaha

  9. Andre Oosthuyzen | October 15, 2020 at 11:50 pm | Reply

    Wow wow hot bod and even beter as you move down

  10. Richard Vestal | October 15, 2020 at 11:33 pm | Reply

    Everything is good on the man. I’m not crazy about the bush trim job, and what’s worse is they decided to post the man smoking a cigarette. That is out of date, smoking only shows that you are stressed and need a fix. If you’re going to smoke then you had better be getting paid by the cigarette companies to risk your life and then photograph it.

    • Did you even read that it’s an old photoshoot? The trim job and the cigarette are about art..
      This is not a health forum.. Everyone has the right to smoke or not, it’s a personal choice and you shouldn’t be preaching, especially on this site.
      The man is gorgeous by the way.

      • It is not just a personal choice, as it affects other people too. Heard of secondhand smoke? Also, especially during the pandemic, we’ve seen how the poor health (choices) of some affect us all.

    • Popular opinion: Shut the fuck up

  11. Luv the landing strip he has in the chicken pix. SEXY man!

  12. Bellanofretete | October 15, 2020 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    Agree. That amount of ink is sexy. Juan Lucho is the example of way too much ink

  13. Weird question but: is this guy circumcised or no? I’m not one of those people who adamantly prefers one, but I’m consistently not sure whether what I’m witnessing here is a scar or a bit of shaft between the end of the foreskin and the glans… and that confuses me.

  14. What’s with the Hitler mustache pubes??

  15. He’s so beautiful. I can’t tell if he’s circumcised or not.
    Any opinions guys ?

  16. He’s a lovely guy, and has a remarkable physique.. but he needs to leave his pubes alone. (Honestly, the “landing strip” is more unappealing than fully shaved.)

  17. Instant boner.

  18. Beautiful body, handsome face…bot totally ruined by all the ink. What was he thinking? You do that because……..that’s what you do!!!??? OMG

  19. Fuck me!!!

  20. Sweet Gawd! Yes!!!

  21. He can’t seem to decide on how much hair he wants surrounding his wiener.

  22. Natural is much more attractive

  23. WOW! The beauty of God’s work!

  24. Cuter when younger. Great body, ass & cock in the photos. Except the disturbing landing strip cock pic.

    • Yeah, as it is with the larger majority of the entire male species population on the entire planet, they are cuter when they’re younger.

      • CAM- Why don’t you remind us how you characterized Shannon’s comments? Looks like we have a new comment cop here…….

      • Older doesn’t always mean not as cute. Some people improve with age. My point is his look has changed & I find him much more appealing in the earlier shots.

  25. Nice chicken!

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