!! OMG, he’s naked: Uncensored BTS photos of New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski are here! !!

You may remember when ESPN did their 2012 Body Issue, they featured New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski – with a little bit of a tease. Props and limbs covering his bits! Well, somehow some sleuths have uncovered the uncensored versions along with some sexy outtakes! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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56 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Uncensored BTS photos of New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski are here!"

  1. Arystan Badenov | August 13, 2023 at 1:42 pm | Reply

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped. It’s just that he’s this enormous 6 foot 6, 265 lbs hulk of a man, so of course his flaccid dick is going to look small. If y’all don’t want him, he’d certainly be welcome in my bed!

  2. Look at all these comments. He might as well show us now. These fakes are forcing him to show his real size and I’m tired of celebrity friends talking about other dudes dicks. Tom saying grind is huge, that black guy saying Pete Davidson is huge. We need proof

  3. Gronk is still sexy and in great shape, he has a big personality. I’d put him on my massage table, make sure he has an exciting rundown, and anything else that makes him feel like the exceptionally sexy beast that he is in my eyes. Very adorable all over. 🙂

  4. A friend saw Gronk at an airport years ago early in his career. A cute girl came up, asked for an autograph. They flirted a bit, Gronk said he’d sign only if she grabbed his dick. They went into a back corner, she came out with the autograph. So if you ever see him…ask for that autograph!

  5. This broke my heart even more than big, beefy Brett Favre having a nub stub….

  6. y’all i hate to break it to you (or maybe you’re relieved to hear) this photo with the fists is 100% photoshopped.

  7. I said I was not going to comment on this post because I am not an expert on photoshop. I must say that he has always been on my wish list of people I wanted to see completely nude. So one of my wishes came true. But I feel like the only people who would have access to these pics would be the photographer, ESPN, and maybe Gronk. I can’t imagine that the photographer would risk being sued, risk his career for leaking photos of an athlete he was paid to photograph or that ESPN would risk the lawsuit, as well. Also, if these photos are real and were actually leaked, then it would stop other high-profile athletes from doing future photo shoots for ESPN out of fear their uncensored photos would also be leaked. Finally, the gif just does not look real. Why on Earth would his penis be sticking straight up like that during the motion that he’s doing? If anything, it would be flopping around or pointing or hanging in a downward direction. I just cannot fathom these pics or this gif being real because it would be a total breach of what I’m sure is an ironclad contract that these athletes and ESPN sign to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen. So, I just can’t imagine that a photographer and ESPN would break an athlete’s trust or not live up to their promise of “You don’t ever have to worry about your nude photos being leaked or going public!” They have to be fakes!

  8. I’ve always wanted to see Rob completely nude. And, I am not disappointed. Sort of reminds me of a modern day statue of David. I normally like to see pubes, but, in this case, I am pleased with the all around smoothness. Not bothered that he isn’t a shower. Just right.

  9. I’d still bend over for him

  10. OMG…………..

    • Oh SHANNON honey, we really do need to get you a new hobby besides trolling OMGBlog! Have you considered competitive nose picking? Enema wrestling?

  11. Huh? Tom Brady on Howard Stern: “”You get used to it,” he said, “I mean every guy’s penis looks the exact same… A man’s a man.” When prompted by Stern, though, he added that Gronkowski (who is 6’5, just FYI) has a particularly big one. “Yes he does, it’s amazing,” he admitted. “It’s exactly what you would expect it to be.”

  12. Maybe he’s a grower.

  13. Though comparatively average in cock size, Gronk’s confidence and playfulness makes him sexy as hell.

  14. OMG. My dream has come true.

  15. Good thing he made it in football, he’d have never made it in porn.

  16. Well, that’s sad.

  17. Is this real? The D looks a bit weird, and it’s hard for me to imagine these were part of the shoot when in reality they probably offered him a modesty sock to make him more comfortable.

  18. That’s a cute little cock for such a big framed man! He’s still very hot and I hope we one day see it erect! He’s surely a grower. Beautiful peen anyways.

  19. Gronk can always get it

  20. He must be a grower, but then who cares? Unless you’re a size queen. I’m sure when he’s hard it’s a very nice cock.

  21. email is also fake | June 24, 2023 at 5:49 pm | Reply

    Beautiful Man

  22. didn’t know the Gronk was uncut or is he…

  23. gaydudeiniowa | June 24, 2023 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    There have been on going jokes and references to him having the biggest dick in football. So, the pics above are photoshopped or multiple players who have seen him naked for years, lied.

  24. I was expecteding larger with his level of confidence, but good on him!

  25. Beautiful guy

  26. You’d think a man his age would have gone through puberty. The shaven look doesn’t work.

  27. Well he aint shy! Banging body 🙂

  28. Is it possible there are uncensored photos from when Giancarlo Stanton did the same publication?

  29. It’s kinda cute how small he is compared to how large his body is. I would totally fuck him. But come on, his ass must be so good, show us the candy.

  30. Micro! Yes, steroids do cause shrinkage kids.

  31. He looks like a giant freakishly buff 9 year old, I mean why? Why do MEN make their cocks and balls purposely look like those of a prepubecent boy? Not one hair? It’s just unnatural and sad….like the size is fine hell I’d say he’s above average cuz he’s 6’4″ and super muscular which makes sense why his cock looks smaller, but that bushless look is just disappointing

  32. I am so not impressed. This is Tom Brady’s idea of Rob being well hung? I guess one can only imagine how Small Tom’s penis is.

  33. And you have a little mind

  34. I’m here for it

  35. Wow I don’t know what I expected but not that. I hope he’s a grower.

  36. I hope he’s a grower, because ….

  37. He is so sexy and seems like a lot of fun. Hell Yes! Love me some Gronk!

  38. He’s Fantastic!
    Real man, real confidence, and a real normal natural Gronkie!
    Thanks for the reality!

  39. I would so still do him!

  40. It’s the worst when a really hot guy with a beautiful body has a micro-d. When you have to ask “Is it in yet?” it’s not good.

  41. The roids are working double time in the pants

  42. small as one would think.

  43. Oh

  44. Not what I was expecting, but I’d still hit it. I’ve always thought he was hot.

  45. Those look photoshopped.

  46. Richard Vestal | June 23, 2023 at 5:22 pm | Reply

    He does seem like he would be fun on bed. Beautiful man

  47. He and His Penis are Gorgeous!

  48. Love this guy and his openness but especially his arousal during the shoot! So hot!

  49. The one with the fists looks photoshopped.

  50. little winkie

    • Yeah, it’s cute…

    • And you have a little mind.

    • Don’t be an asshole he’s a 6’4″ muscle behemoth, it’s looks 4in soft and 6-7in hard which is 0.5-1.5 inches largest than the national average, that said it’s so sad he made it look like a prepubecent boy cuz he waxed it all, I mean he’s a grown ass man who’s gone through puberty it’s unnatutal that it’s sooo smooth

    • The guy is 6’6 and the cock is still in proportion. That doesn’t appear to be small in any way. Also, he’s not erect so you can’t really tell anything about his actual size. But you do you, anonymous internet commenter, and body shame a stranger on the internet because you have no apparent idea what a penis looks like.

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