18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: WWE Raw pro wrestler Ricochet"

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but he’s actually big. It’s because of the way he was holding his dong and the angle shot, it may look like he’s small.

  2. Nice, dat ass

  3. Shannon I have come to the conclusion…..you dislike white dick and ass. You ONLY like em black.

  4. He is hot!!

  5. There are some videos and GIFs with this leak. His dick is much bigger than it looks in that photo.
    There’s a video of him stroking his dick in the shower, and there’s a video/GIF of him fingering his hole as well.

  6. If you search him up there are videos of him playing with his hole…



      MOOO, MOOO!


    • Typical response from Miss. Prolapse herself…

    • I see you’re embracing your status as a fuck pig and a fat heifer. Too bad you don’t do it somewhere else. Go back to sitting on your fire hydrant. He’s not interested in you, nor is any of the breathing male population on the planet.

    • He has a great body, a sexy face, and a lovely penis. Tiny for you? More for his lovers.
      And thank God, he will never have the unpleasant surprise to meet you… And thank Jesus, we’ll never meet you either in real life.

      I consider that as a gift of life 🙂

  8. De. Leh. Shous! I’m through!

  9. Men, please stop shaving your pubes!

  10. It was all good until I saw the American Eagle underwear. Its a no for me, sorry.

    …but I’m loving all these WWE stars. Keep it coming OMG Blog, you are doing the Lord’s work!

  11. Body is spot on, face kinda ruggedly handsome, cock is perfect boyfriend-sized, cakes are lovely.:)

  12. OMG, I’ve been hoping I could see him naked. I love his average sized cock. Average is better. Much better.

    • I’m so glad you said that because not EVERYONE wants ten inches or more. Some of us still want to hold our bowels after sex and want to suck more than just the tip…ijs

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