!! OMG Stars: New Moon in Pisces, March 2021 !!

OMG Stars by Amelia EhrhardtNew Moon in Pisces, March 13th, 2021

This new moon in Pisces conjoined Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, and Venus, who exalts in Pisces. This transit falls on the anniversary of one year in a global pandemic, and the poignancy of this is certainly not lost on me as I write this.

Pisces describes things we do not understand, and the accuracy of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is the space for the mystery of after-death, and the sensation of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is confusion and overwhelm, and the literalism of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is the water that connects our world and the energy that connects our selves, and the lesson of this is not lost on me.

Pisces describes the process of ego death, and the experience of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is our ancestors, and the tragedy of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is deep ennui, fatigue, and boredom, and the reality of this is not lost on me.

Pisces is that which we have lost, is missing objects, is what and whom we have forgotten and what we must will ourselves to remember: the importance of remembering loss is not lost on me.

Pisces reminds us to be soft with ourselves in navigating the mystery, the overwhelm, the loss, the connection, the death, and the boredom that we experience in our every day; and to transmute these navigations through spirit, through art, through interconnection.

New Moon in Pisces March 2021

These horoscopes are written primarily for the rising sign and are offerings of where to locate this energy in your life, and where to acknowledge your own overwhelm, loss, connection, and boredom that has come after a year in this state of interconnected fear.

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Horoscopes are written using whole house calculations and are meant as inspiration and affirmation of what you already know. They are written for both sun and rising signs, but specific information is calculated for the rising signs. You can also read the horoscope for your moon sign for extra emotional information. You can access your birth chart at www.astro.com or many other apps and websites using your birth date, time, and location. If you’re interested in getting a reading, you can book one with Amelia here.

Aries Rising and Sun

If your dreams are extra difficult these days: all of this is why. If your dreams are a confusing series of images, going out in public and realizing you forgot your mask; what day is it am I supposed to be at work?; remembering someone lost to you; forgetting whether this is a dream; this is where you are processing this past year.

In your sleep and solitude your consciousness drifts, Neptune and Venus kiss to comfort you although there is no comfort in an anniversary marking tragedy.

Use these images as messages and allow them to be a site of processing. They are the space where your dynamic self submerges out of the daily strife of understanding.

Taurus Rising and Sun

Remember kissing people in bars: remember holding your friend’s hand while they weep: remember taking your time in the grocery store: remember hosting dinner parties: remember midday meetings with a snack table at work: remember the people who you only see when you’re out and who you maybe don’t know their names.

The young person who works the sandwich bar where you get your lunch, your favourite bus driver who greets you, the hot barista who remembers your order. Remember how your community expands out from you like soundwaves but that other communities envelop you in this way too, and rather than being a series of concentric circles it’s a series of overlapping venn diagrams where some of you are in others and connected to people you didn’t know you knew.

Take this lunation to recall that you are part of a big world and although that world isn’t gone, the sense of its loss is real.

Gemini Rising and Sun

Your work can pull you through sometimes. Your practice can give meaning to life and be a source of regularity when things are extremely irregular, and this past year the steady blip of needing to work has been one of the few constants. Even as we have criticized and called for change to the system of employment that tells us we are where we work, we have also sought for some predictability wherever we can. Let your work sweeten your life, and think about the times that it has brought you into connection over this past year.

There have perhaps been times when you’ve badly wanted to leave it behind, run to the woods, learn to farm, but the chime of a zoom call or the pull of your documents or even just the memory of what you did before has been what has gotten you out of bed.

Anti-capitalism doesn’t want us to not work, it wants us to not be exploited by that work: Venus, Neptune, the Sun and the Moon in this part of your chart remind you of how work can be restorative, work can be transformative, work can be creative and all this you need, too.

Cancer Rising and Sun

Growth isn’t upwards only: we think about it with those x-y axis graphs where a diagonal red line moving up speaks to growth, but growth takes place in three dimensions. Growth moves outwards and downwards and reaches into space, like air filling a balloon or like your body changing after a year of a sedentary life. All of this is growth and all growth is change.

Spending more time this year looking at your past to see how you can grow out of it too, was growth: learning to give up on some dreams and replace them with others too, was growth: imagining a future you want for yourself and making absolutely no moves towards it was also growth.

Think of how this past year has allowed you to expand and grow in all directions and how all of this has allowed you to be a new version of yourself.

Leo Rising and Sun

Some things are clichés because they are true, and here’s one: discomfort is transformation. Soreness in flesh might mean your hormones are making your tits grow, skin is itchy under a cast where a bone is healing, leaving a relationship that held you back is painful. Your transformation this past year was uncomfortable: it happened at home, away from recognition, possibly in solitude.

If a Leo makes a change alone at home and no one is there to recognize it, did it really happen? Your intimacy with yourself was in transformation this year, Leo, and making space for the mystery within is the seed now moving forwards.

Knowing you can be your own chorus line and your own cheerleader means the discomfort of your transformation can be yours to own too.

Virgo Rising and Sun

In partnership you can let the need for control settle into the muck and fall into misunderstanding like a comfortable pool. When there is another person there to see and hold you, you can let go of the categories you need everything to neatly fit into and to admit that you may not know. This year there’s been a lot you need to admit that you don’t know.

This is a state of discomfort for Virgo people, but your one-on-one connections can hold you through it. Your collaborator can tell you it’s OK that you’re confused, your romantic partner can hold you and not care if you don’t have answers. Everyone needs space where things don’t have to make so much sense, and this is it for you.

Allow that space to envelop you this weekend as the Sun and Moon meet Venus and Neptune and the four of them overwhelm us all with memories. Be held by your closest ones, physically or psychically, and admit that you really just don’t have a single idea.

Libra Rising and Sun

Libra risings have the gift of seeing the potential for dreaming in day-to-day affairs. This past year your daily life has been through changes that have brought confusion, questions, and exhaustion – but also new space for possibility, change, and harmony. Which part of your day is soothed with this change? As you drink your coffee in the morning and reflect on the absence of commuting – or the clear roads as you drive on your shift – or the reduced flow of customers through your workspace – think about the increased space for dreams that this has brought you.

Stillness makes space for possibility and the stillness in your new routine means new possibility is present. Open yourself to new possibility and create new dreams for what of this past year you want to bring forwards into the next.

Scorpio Rising and Sun

A creative practice can be like a balm against a world that you don’t know how to express yourself into, or from which you need to protect yourself. Going in in order to go out. The little acts of working with your hands or your voice or your body for no particular reason. Lack of purpose is one of the most joyful aspects of creativity: it defies the call in our culture to have everything become a hustle.

You can just make without needing to sell, or brand, or even share at all. Creativity too is a human trait: despite the sense of professionalization and commodification that tells us some are artists/some are not – the natal chart teaches us that is is in everyone. Creative expression can be for joy, can be for pulling something out that you need to say, can be a way to putter and pass time.

All versions are useful and needed: find the one that does it for you.

Sagittarius Rising and Sun

How literal this Pisces energy is for Sag rising folks: a little collection of planets in Pisces land in your fourth house of home. A new moon that gives you the chance to say: what do I want moving forwards? What do I want my home to look like? What could be new? How do I newly relate? Rearrange the furniture, burn some incense and think about how this space has held you.

Think of the protective space you have built this year as home turned into a placeholder for work, play, safety, protection. And allow yourself to mourn all the time you could have been out of the house, every trip you missed and every adventure skipped.

Spend slow time this weekend in appreciation of the safe and cozy space you live in: move your hands across the walls and look out the window for the expanse of your view.

Capricorn Rising and Sun

Speech changes when it happens less outloud. Has anyone noticed that with our lives online, we all have become writers? Your words that leave your body in any form are your communication and this new moon lands in the part of your chart governing this. The way you speak to your loved one has chaged, your coworkers, your friends, who these people are perhaps has changed, but part of you remains always.

Your structure and sense of order as a Capricorn person become muddy when it comes to communication, with Pisces on your third house, so allow for the strangeness of this year to come out in your words.

Talk it through without worrying about direct meaning, clear lines, talk it out and let your confusion and fatigue come through your words where they will not be judged (even by yourself) because we all know what it is to be both bored and frightened now, and to talk about is it to work through it.

Aquarius Rising and Sun

Your values and your valuables have much in common: that which you hold dear and that which sustains you. Your values direct you in life and your valuables come about as a result of it. Your valuables may be a savings account or may be a pile of coasters your grandmother saved from a patio she visited while travelling, either way they are of critical importance to you.

This year the way we hold things dear has changed, has at once become different and more dear and yet also in the way of tragedy – become mutable. What are things but the objects that fill my home? But these objects have made up your landscape for the past year, the plants on your shelf your own little forest, your books the library. As your sense of the world expanded, your world itself shrunk. But you know enough not to let that change your way of thinking – that your values, those guiding principles, can remain big even as you spend more time with your own small world.

That somehow going deeply inside has been an opportunity to think about the biggest thematics, consequences, needs that we live inside of, and can give you greater hints to how you fit into the system of all the other groups of people you are a member of.

Pisces Rising and Pisces

Just because mystery comes naturally doesn’t make it comfortable; just because this fatigue is usual doesn’t mean you have to like it; just because you feel confused all the time doesn’t mean it’s any less confusing. To be Piscean is to be familiar with the void and the mystery but depending on the rest of your chart that void and mystery could be either a soothing balm or a constant frustration. You at once need to give yourself the space and time that it takes a Pisces to make a choice, and still live in the world.

On some level everyone has come into a Piscean state this year, more time in dreaming and in unknowing, but you don’t need to lead us through it. Whatever it means for you to cope is the right thing for you. If you want to counter all this confusion by getting to work that’s cool, or staying in bed is cool, or baking for weeks is cool too: this year is not an anniversary we wanted to get to, but it’s also likely close to a birthday for you Pisces sun people so let yourself be in the both/and mutable state that is celebrating your birth and marking this loss.

Joy and sadness are dance partners, change and growth symbiotic.

OMG Stars is an astrology column written by queer astrologer Amelia Ehrhardt (@soft_aspects). Every two weeks, on the new and full moons, Amelia interprets the upcoming astrology with a focus on how to navigate current events (astrological and global). Book an appointment with Amelia here.

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