!! OMG, watch and listen: New music from River Wild !!

Mixing ’60s folk sounds with contemporary concerns, River Wild‘s EP Talked the Truth was one of our below-the-radar favorites of 2022 (listen on Spotify or Apple Music).

Every song on the EP, which River produced with Dean Watson (@deanerdubs), features introspective, poetic lyrics, and when we spoke with him, River did not give too much away as to their meaning:

This project is my most personal one. It came from a long time of struggle; it took a long time to write, but less to execute once I knew what to do. It wasn’t the easiest process, but it was the most liberating.

The album is about a lot of things, but I prefer to let the listeners create their version of how they feel about this one. Lord knows I go through a roller coaster of emotions from standing still to burned alive. I hope it does to others what it did for me: healing.

Cookie could listen to River sing all day, and has! Lucky us, there’s a new video for his song “Everything is Clear (Lion D’Amour)” out now.

Check out the video, along with some sultry NSFW album art after jump!

Sexy album art for Talked the Truth, photographed by Joshua Rille (@jjjjjjjoshua):



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