!! ‘NY Times’ fashion critic banned from shows !!

Cathy Horyn, fashion critic/blogger for The NY Times, had a lighter workload this season thanks to a couple designers who banned her and her “excessive negativity” from their shows.
First up was Carolina Herrera in New York, who was upset that Horyn called her collection “irrelevant” last season.
And once again, Dolce & Gabbana, who also banned reviewers from Style.com last season, did not invite The NY Times team. Interestingly, Style.com was back this season and gave the Italians a glowing review.
I guess when your business grows to the size of Herrera and D&G, your fashion show is sort of like your birthday party: FRIENDS ONLY. For the record, Cathy: you can be my friend!

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5 Comments on "‘NY Times’ fashion critic banned from shows"

  1. Helmut Lang had this bitches number years ago when he banned her from his shows. She needs to take a look in a mirror and then she would understand what ugly really is.


  3. If she thinks Herrera is irrelevant, then bitch has no business being there.

  4. Have you ever read some of her writing?
    I feel she is trying too hard to have some profound vision.

  5. Didn’t this happen also in years past with the critic named Patty Something? I recall blogging about it.

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