!! OMG, Ariana Grande’s glittery older brother will embark on his own sangin’ tour this summer !!


Frankie Grande has long been associated with the term “big brother” – in more ways than one – but now Ariana Grande‘s half sibling is stepping out to razzle dazzle on his own stage and spread some pixie dust of his own. You may remember Frankie from OMG’s nudie archives as well!

The YouTube personality saw his profile skyrocket after competing as a contestant on Big Brother last summer, and he followed up his appearance on the CBS reality show with a stint in the musical Rock of Ages before it closed on Broadway earlier this year. Frankie is apparently traveling with his sister as she performs her hits around the world, but he will soon embark on a tour of his own.

“I am so excited about this tour because I get to bring all the insanity, glitter and excitement that makes my life so GRANDE to my fans all over the country,” Frankie tells PEOPLE of his Livin’ la Vida Grande tour. “They will have a chance to get up close and personal with me as I explore the ridiculous, over-the-top and even the serious side of being me, and I can’t wait to take the audience on this journey. I live a crazy life, and for an hour or so, you can come live it with me!”

If you wish to taste the rainbow and see Frankie live, his U.S. tour kicks off June 27 in Los Angeles and currently runs through July 15.

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3 Comments on "OMG, Ariana Grande’s glittery older brother will embark on his own sangin’ tour this summer"

  1. Wish he was straight, he’s an insult to the gay community.

  2. Moxie Remon | June 1, 2015 at 3:49 pm | Reply

    He’s annoying.

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