!! OMG, his butt: Tongan Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua !!


Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua has emerged as a gay hero in the aftermath of a despicable article published by writer Nico Hines for The Daily Beast (not linking because they don’t deserve our traffic). Hines, a straight man, went on Grindr in the Rio Olympic Village to lure and subsequently out gay athletes, some of whom come from countries where being out of the closet could have dangerous or even deadly consequences. The Daily Beast has since taken the article down after grabbing all those pageviews and ad dollars.

Fonua, who is out of the closet and comes from Tonga, itself a conservative country, was rightly outraged by the article and took to social media to eloquently express everything that was wrong it. In a very satisfying culmination, Fonua posted the following on Instagram yesterday:

Yo @nicohines & @thedailybeast – if what you were looking for on Grindr was hot ass (and I don’t see any other reason why you’d be on there) here you have mine in all its proud glory. Now, kiss it and fuck off 👅🖕🏼 #pride

Check out the butt shot he posted after the jump! And follow Fonua on Instagram and Twitter: @aminifonua


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  1. The reason I’ve had such a great experience at Texas A M is because I have some of the most amazing teammates in the world. We’re honest and we hold one another accountable because that’s what makes a winning team. I’ve never felt any reason to hide. When you’re self-conscious about anything — your appearance, your age, your sexuality — it tends to be the first thing people notice. Everybody is a little self-conscious; It’s what makes us human. If you accept who you are and achieve the level of comfort to own it and embrace it, people will allow you to be you. I’ve never hidden behind a facade, and because of that people have celebrated me for being the great swimmer that I was.

  2. Beautiful and delicious looking. Love his cute tan line.


  4. Nice ass

  5. mmmmmmm love tan lines on a nice juicy butt. spank, eat, and fuck.

  6. yes! i will NEVER read or navigate to daily beast again. thanks for this post!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sweet ass

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