!! OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Justin Beiber shares photo of his bare bum while on a camping trip !!


What else is new!? Justin Bieber has discovered the tricks of the Kardashian Koven, and now he’s never gonna put it away! Check it out after the NSFW jump!


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.36.15 AM


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19 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Justin Beiber shares photo of his bare bum while on a camping trip"

  1. Fuck i love justin bieber. I wish that i was rimming and fucking his fucking awesome arse.

  2. LOVE IT

  3. I am stroking my D to this. His ass needs to be rimmed and fucked. He is the Eminem of the New Generation, showing his bubble butt ass. Tasty


  5. Doesn’t matter what kind of packaging it comes in, a douche is still a douche.

  6. Big mistake posting this photo. Proves that it can’t actually be that big because nothing is visible from the rear hanging down between his legs. Lots of other peoples’ butt photos (including other celebrities on this blog) you can see when it is long enough to show dangling from the rear view.

  7. He occasionally shows up to the gym that I go to near Beverly Hills, and I occasionally see him working out…there are typically a bunch of body guards at the entrance so that fans don’t come in and don’t notice that he’s there. I go shower almost at the same time he does, and he is a total EXHIBITIONIST in the lockerroom and doesn’t care showing everything he has. He pretty much ignores that there are other people there; he walks around fully nude, to the sauna full nude (with a towel underneath of course) and flexes occasionally; we can practically see the moving and bouncing dick and ass. It’s pretty incredible, but since its a high-end gym in Beverly Hills, nobody really pays attention to him as its all celebrities that go there. It is amazing seeing his huge dick (looks better in real life than in those Bora Bora photos) and his nice toned ass. If anyone wants to know a bit more about him (i won’t send you pics cuz I’m not that type of a person) just contact me

    • I for one, would love to know more about him. Is his dick really as delicious as I think it is? Do his balls hang low? Does he really have a toned ass? GOD, I would love to taste him. I’m Canadian as well and am proud of the kid! He seems like a spoiled brat sometimes but overall I think he is a good guy.

  8. So his balls still haven’t dropped? I can’t spot them…

  9. @puddingcup I agree, he will eventually show full frontal and not some far away vacation shot. good body and ass either way. too bad he’s such an immature little boy.

  10. Thank you Justin. I want to rim that ass so fucking bad, I can just taste it.

  11. It looks so sad.

  12. What does he think he’s showing off….He looks no better from the back than he does from the front. Looks more like a woman’s ass than a man’s anyway.

  13. how convenient it is not to take a frontal picture

  14. I’d hit it

  15. This kid’s such an exhibitionist, it’s only a matter of time before he sends out a bunch of dick pics.

  16. Warren C. E. Austin | March 28, 2016 at 11:33 am | Reply

    Lordy I wish this youngster would simply post a photo, or better yet a series, of himself (no selfie, a regular snap if you please) in the altogether, crystal clear like the one above of him in his bathing trunks, treasure-trail in lovely detail and all else too. Enough of these hazy butt-shots and dick-pics. Give us the goods once and for time and be done with it already.

  17. The hell with his ass….he needs to turn around!

  18. unless it’s getting drilled by a jackhammer attached to a fucking machine, then i don’t wanna see those two pale droopy things hanging off that bean pole

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