10 Comments on "OMG, his butt UHGAIN: Kit Harington AKA Jon Snow shows his tuckus on ‘Game Of Thrones’"

  1. It appears from the above that I missed several male full-frontal nudes….pray tell, which episodes?
    I agree with comment that we are underrepresented.. regardless of the debate about whether females “show ” anything….

  2. i wonder if he is hung or average.

  3. It’s a great bum but I really don’t find him attractive tbh.

  4. He does have a nice butt, but there needs to be more male nudity on TV and in films.

  5. Love it!

  6. Hello-

    while its mice to see Kit’s lucious butt there’s 1 thing i have against GOT. if i had $1 for everything scene of frontal female nudity in seasons- 1-6 I wouldn’t need my next paycheck.
    yet in all 60 episodes of seasons 1-6 there have been exactly 2 scenes of frontal male

    • And one of the male nudes was Hodor. I don’t think anyone wanted to see that.

    • There have been at least 6: Hodor, Theon, random dude being shamed outside a brothel, random guy flashes Cersei during her walk, Will Tudor in a brothel scene, and Rob Callender’s close-up after the play. Also, I keep seeing the comment about all the female full frontal, but you don’t exactly see much if anything genitally with a woman in those scenes. To me it seems people are comparing boobs and merkins to cocks, which isn’t exactly fair. There are only so many mainstream male actors who are willing to go full frontal on camera, at least without some $ for it, and that probably isn’t high on the list of things the production wants to pay for. Though I’d contribute to a gofundme or something to have Kit’s cock make an appearance in GoT. 😀

      • Just Kit??? Hell, let’s do all of the guys at once. Hey! All of you male cast members line up and take your wiener out. We will let you know when you can put it up.

    • By “female nudity” you mean pair of boobs, and sometimes bush(wig) on the crotch?? You can’t compare this with the male genitals…

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