!! OMG, it’s called Fashion. Look it up: J.W.Anderson explores crochet work for FW17 !!

J.W.Anderson‘s show is always one of the most anticipated of London Fashion Week because he goes there. For the Fall/Winter 2017 season, that meant exploring stained glass motifs through a crafts-with-grandma lens, and combinging oversized By-the-Pound-chic pieces with lovely tailoring.

See some more stand-out looks after the jump!

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10 Comments on "OMG, it’s called Fashion. Look it up: J.W.Anderson explores crochet work for FW17"

  1. I could make most of those myself in a few minutes, but I wont. BECAUSE IT’S FUGLY!

  2. “Grandma got run over by a fashionista… crocheting doilies late on Christmas Eve…”

  3. It’s crochet, not macrame!

  4. i love these clothes! esp. the floppy crocheted shoes…i’m 5’2…i would be swimming in these threads! ain’t a lot of adult dudes clothes that fit me…i buy teen boy’s clothes a lot…very emo…thanks frank!!!! i love these fashion posts.

  5. Not sure what you call that, but def not macramé. Looks like the blanket on Roseanne’s couch.

  6. More rubbish from the Vivienne Westwood style insane asylum. Another dreck designer = J.W. Anderson. Outfit number 1: nothing like wearing your grandma’s old afghan circa 1973 under your pajamas circa 1952. Back to the homeless shelter lost-and-found bins for more material!!! I know! We’ll cut a hole in the top of an old canvas tent for the head and cover that with an ugly Christmas sweater! Yum!! Then we’ll charge $10K or more for it!!!!
    The only people more insane than the designers are the people who actually would buy this crap.

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