!! OMG, unlike you, this ‘Chimera’ kitty is so two-faced, she’s famous! !!

All the other two-faced bitches can take a seat, because Quimera, a kitty from Argentina who may be what’s known as a Genetic chimera:

“A rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. They fuse together to become a single organism, whose DNA is from two completely different individuals.”

Find a full gallery of her after the jump!


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2 Comments on "OMG, unlike you, this ‘Chimera’ kitty is so two-faced, she’s famous!"

  1. Now it just needs a good supervillain to stroke its fur while doing evil things

  2. I’m not a cat person but I’d keep this one. It knows how to use the toilet, right?

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