!! OMG, Cole Escola imparts why poppers just resonate so much with the queer community !!

Comedian Cole Escola is truly doing the Lord’s work! He’s unlocked the bare and honest truth as to why POPPERS bring us so much joy – and he’s sharing it with us. Check out Cole after the jump!

@coleescola #fyp #gay ♬ Sad Emotional Piano (main version) – DSproductions

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9 Comments on "OMG, Cole Escola imparts why poppers just resonate so much with the queer community"

  1. LOL, I love 20 somethings handing out their vast life experience in social media when in reality they have barely had any. Dollars for clicks.

  2. When I am bottoming I don’t need poppers to have a great time. With the right man your ass will be perfectly relaxed. However, anal does has never been painful for me and I’m usually quick to loosen up! I sometimes use them and have found no difference in that regard, infact they made me less able to service and please. To satisfy a guy I like to be in full control even if I am bottoming, but then again I am an escort

  3. I don’t relate to the post.. but damn these commenters are taking him too seriously, and only revealing their hatred for people who struggle with addiction which deeply effects our community for obvious reasons. The same people who condemn “addicts” are usually drinking almost every day. They are part of our community, chemically dependant or not.. just as much as old white gayte-keepers are, sadly. Poppers might help with the sticks up their asses?

  4. Queers can check their asses at the door. No one wants to be around a bunch of drug addicts.

  5. Ummm…okay. Poppers also relaxes the sphincter and makes anal sex easier while temporarily elevating your heart rate. The euphoria often adds to the sexual encounter. It may help Cole keep his legs elevated without cramping at least that seems to coincide with his statement.

  6. What a RIDICULOUS statement.
    You like poppers? Do poppers.
    They don’t reflect Anything more about Gay people than Pot, Coke, Molly, etc Do.
    Ya like ’em? Do ’em.
    But *this* kind of crap is nothing more than “justification” because you are embarrassed.
    In 1982 – poppers were one if the first things they told us caused AIDS. Your statements are just about as Foolish

  7. This is the stupidest post of someone else’s joke, I’m guessing it’s a slow repost day.

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