!! OMG, Drag Race’s Kornbread reveals her cancer diagnosis !!

“Recently I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. A type of Cancer in the smaller intestine. I’m 100% fine and everything is in the early stages so I’ll be back to my normal self in no time. Absolutely curable!

“I say this to let everyone know that no matter how young you are PLEASE GET REGULAR checks ups. I’m glad I caught mine at this stage.

“A lot of health things will be changing for me and I’m grateful for all the support! Ready to get back to the stage again.”

Dear Lord! We can’t let anything happen to our precious Kornbread. This is both devastating and reassuring all at once and stresses the IMPORTANCE of seeing your doctor for regular checks! Especially in the pooper if yer sticking all sorts of thangs up there. Think about it. We wish Kornbread a speedy recovery and we’re glad she caught it early!

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