!! OMG, Ellen chats with trans Men’s Health cover model finalist Aydian Dowling !!


If this happens, it would be a huge step forward. Men’s Health Magazine is holding competition to find their newest cover star, and currently sitting in first place is a man named Aydian Dowling, who just so happens to be trans.

Aydian sat down with Ellen (good on her for attempting to introduce trans-ness to her soccer-mum viewership!) where the two chatted about what it’s like to identify as trans, and why Aydian is a prime candidate for that Men’s Health cover. Hopefully it’ll help to spread even more acceptance! Check it out below.

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1 Comment on "OMG, Ellen chats with trans Men’s Health cover model finalist Aydian Dowling"

  1. I’ve read about Aydian Dowling before, but I wonder if Aydian, is actually eligible to participate in this contest. I say this because the requirements state the to be eligible you must be “male”. I guess it depends upon how Men’s Health defines “male”. I also wonder if everyone is getting ahead of themselves, there actually are no semi-finalists yet, according to the rules that will be determined on or about June 26th. I have no real feeling about Aydian, I did read his story on the men’s health website, he is not the only trans entrant, so I’m not sure why the other entrant isn’t getting as much LBGT press. I felt like other entrants were more deserving of the honor, based upon what Men’s Health is looking for.

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