!! OMG, Emmerdale casts first trans character/actor to play groundbreaking character Matty !!

Emmerdale will introduce its first transgender character next week and actor Ash Palmisciano who is also trans, will be playing Moira Barton’s long lost child Hannah, who disappeared in 2012, and has now transitioned as returns as Matty. Ash commented on the exciting new role stating:

“It’s absolutely amazing and a fantastic opportunity – for me personally, but also for the soap to build a groundbreaking character. It’s something new, it’s never been done before on the soap, and it’s rarely been done anywhere else. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what people think of the character.”

“It’s quite the entrance! Matty has come back because he needs his birth certificate. At first, he toys with the idea of knocking on the door and speaking to his mum and then he realises that’s going to be far too awkward. Too much time has gone by. So he breaks into the house while no one is in,” explains Palmisciano.
“And just when he’s found what he’s looking for, he’s confronted by Cain, who thinks that Matty is an associate of drug dealer Simon. So it all ends in a confrontation, Matty gets knocked out, and just as he’s coming round, Moira enters the room…”

Uhhh YEP – that DOES sound like the plot of a soap opera, alright! The character, previously known as Hannah Barton, appeared on the soap from 2009 to 2012 played by Grace Cassidy. Make sure to check out Ash‘s debut when he hits Emmerdale soon!

[via pinknews]

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