!! OMG, Freddy VS Jason writers: ‘We tried to keep Kelly Rowland’s homophobic slur out of the movie’ !!

“All we can tell you is… we didn’t write it, and we were really shocked when we heard it in the movie. We complained about it after the first screening, but it was never changed. It’s a real stain on the movie, in our opinion.”

– The Freddy VS Jason writers, during a recent retrospective about ‘Freddy vs Jason’ when a rather controversial scene where Kelly Rowland’s character calls Freddy a “f*ggot” was brought up.

Well, at least Jason stood up to her homophobia! Maybe GLAAD should honour him?

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2 Comments on "OMG, Freddy VS Jason writers: ‘We tried to keep Kelly Rowland’s homophobic slur out of the movie’"

  1. The writers aren’t responsible for teenage boys. They certainly shouldn’t be held accountable for what some actor says (only once and in character) in a movie at all either. You don’t see films like Django Unchained being taken off shelves for white people using the “N” bomb every few scenes do you?

  2. Alberto Fuerte | May 16, 2016 at 6:15 pm | Reply

    So, the writers couldn’t keep the actress from uttering a word? If the WRITERS won’t accept responsibility for the use of that word, who will? This is a movie that teenage boys everywhere watch everyday. Each time they do, they hear that word.
    And this affects more than the LGBT community. The comments I’ve heard from these teens when this scene played were mainly that BLACK people are the most homophobic community by far.
    Unfortunate that a word couldn’t have been kept out of a movie.

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