!! OMG, gossip: Amy Schumer says ‘Bye, Bye, Barbie!’ !!

Amy Schumer has dropped out of the Barbie movie [lainey]

Brad Pitt isn’t dating anyone right now… so… you know – hit him up! [dlisted]

Where’s the beef!? Former Minaj collaborator Mariah Carey brings Remy Ma on her latest remix [idolator]

TMZ stalked Hilary Duff and then mocked her message about lGBT rights [queerty]

Gwyneth Paltrow has published a guide to anal sex [socialite life]

Brett Ratner: ‘The worst thing in today’s movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes.’ [celebitchy]

A defeated Oompa Loopma is forced to pull the Obamacare repeal [bossip]

Kellyanne Conway‘s dumbass comments mega-cut [towleroad]

…and speaking of STD’s: Here’s a bunch of great tips on how to take care of your sexual health and get tested! [boyculture]

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  2. The Brett Ratner whine about RT is amusing, as is the article: “Like, I’ll pour my hot sauce of hate on people like director Zack Snyder, or hack supreme Damon Lindelof (it still makes me shake with rage that he’s allowed to work in Hollywood).” Ha ha! He seems to have left out DL’s middle name though, for I will always know him as Damon Fucking Lindelof or Damon “My stories make no damn sense and that’s how I like it” Lindelof.

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