!! OMG, gossip: Brandon T. Jackson says God has forgiven him for playing gay in ‘Tropic Thunder’ !!

…but says wearing a dress in “Big Mommas” was worse for him. — GURL! I really don’t think God is worrying about your film roles! The world is on fire. [towleroad]

Eminem was interviewed by the secret service over some Trump lyrics [dlisted]

Happy Halloween! Spooky Kellyanne Conway berated, demeaned & threatened a female journalist on the record [celebitchy]

I can show you my… (cough) world. Sexy Broadway Aladdin can get it. [boy culture]

Happy Celebrity Hole-o-ween! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

New York man sues gay video company for $5 million dollars [instinct]

Royal catfight! The Princes are rifting [socialite life]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Brandon T. Jackson says God has forgiven him for playing gay in ‘Tropic Thunder’"

  1. did god speak to him directly or something

  2. Why not grow up!!

  3. If he don’t sit his ass down some where! NOW!! Brandon, you developed religious beliefs that were incompatible with your career. You put your religion before it. DO NOT BLAME THE LGBT COMMUNITY FOR THIS! Your combination of attractive, comedic abilities, charm, and work ethic had you on track for major stardom, having successfully navigated multiple successes in Black Hollywood. Why is it that Tyler Perry just opened a major studio in Atlanta, that Will Smith, Rickey Smiley, Jamie Foxx, and Martin Lawrence all have long-lived careers. Robin Williams was an idol, right? Yet, he did Mrs. Doubtfire and his career thrived.

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