!! OMG, gossip: Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel under fire for ‘BOTTOM SHAMING’ !!

Um… never thought we’d write that headline! [towleroad]

Bieber addresses terrible new tattoos in new pube-baring post [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Heidi Montag Pratt says she died briefly during the height of her surgeries, wouldn’t recommend cutting yourself up into little bits [dlisted]

Cardi B is preggers, announces officially by showing up on SNL with a sizeable bump [ celebitchy]

Rihanna has a ball in Milan [lainey]

Olympic diver Robert Paez comes out [instinct]

OMG, we’re loving these thigh-high men’s UGGs [sad and useless]

Having “the talk” with gay teens is tricky, according to these parents [gay pop buzz]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel under fire for ‘BOTTOM SHAMING’"

  1. Are we all just a bunch of bitter old queens that can make mean remarks about the ‘breeders’ but the minute someone lampoons homophobic politicians by saying the homophobe is possibly gay by making a joke about them liking to take it, might I also that we have chauvinistic gay tops that see being a bottom as demeaning, is an insult? If we can’t take it than we need not dish it.

  2. they didnt bottom shame. nothing here.

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