!! OMG, gossip: Could a longer index finger to ring finger ratio be a sure sign of gayness!? !!

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12 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Could a longer index finger to ring finger ratio be a sure sign of gayness!?"

  1. If you look at your hand with the palm facing out your ring finger will be longer. If you look at your hand with the Palm facing you the ring finger will be shorter. Depends on which way you look at your hand. Nonscientific crap.

  2. this is wrong, im gay as fck and i have a longer index finger

  3. The study says that there is no statistical connection between finger lengths and sexual orientation for men. Good job not reading. Reading is hard apparently.

  4. Well by this it says I’m a heterosexual and that’s not true! LOL

  5. That’s a big Nope. Wasn’t straight the last time I was doing something with my fingers.

  6. the graphic says the opposite of what the article says…. fyi… longer RING finger is homosexual, says the study.

  7. Mine are the same. Guess I’m a homosexual woman…even though I am clearly a bisexual man. I think this system needs further testing.

  8. Okay, so… in the headline it says having a longer ring finger than index finger is an indication of being gay, but in the diagram it shows a homosexual hand as having a shorter ring finger and a heterosexual hand as having a longer ring finger. ‍♂️

  9. not me! lol

  10. Sez I’m straight. I’ll need to confirm that with my husband. I’ll check his hands to, the next time he’s holding my legs up…

  11. I guess I’m straight, too.

  12. i’m str8

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