!! OMG, gossip: Is Cardi B preggers!? !!

OKURRRRRR [dlisted]

Trump doesn’t think school shootings are a national tradgedy [celebitchy]

Robsten reunited!? [lainey]

Olympic Luge bulges ALERT! [gay fleshbot]

RuPaul heads to guest star on Grace and Frankie [instinct]

Don Lemon denounces those who won’t talk about gun violence: ‘This is a sickness.’ [towleroad]

OMG, is bottoming going out of fashion? [gpb]

Check out the guide for women looking to finger their man. Not so different, really. [the frisky]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Is Cardi B preggers!?"

  1. Whats a Cardi B and why should anyone care?

  2. Let’s NOT post about or bring attention to the highly overrated cardi b who supports homophobia or at the very least condones it! She doesn’t deserve our support or attention.

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