!! OMG, gossip: Janet steps out in a TIGHT top knot !!

That looks painful, gurl! [dlisted]

Ellen says she or Oprah could be Joe Biden‘s VP [instinct]

Can J.Lo bring back GUESS!? — Guess! [lainey]

Will Tom Hardy be the most-ripped ‘Venom’ yet? [gay fleshbot, nsfw]

Boy Culture’s interview with hottie Ross Lynch, star of My Friend Dahmer [boy culture]

Is there anything cuter than Tom Hiddleston walking on the streets of London with a puppy in his arms? [fug]

Everyone was talking about Faith Hill‘s leg at the CMAs [celebitchy]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Janet steps out in a TIGHT top knot"

  1. When did Tom Hiddleston became “cute”? Yuck, not today satan.

  2. You’ve misspelled “Venom” as “Vemon,” which I assume is a Villainous Lemon.

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