!! OMG, gossip: Kim Kartrashian “UM PRAGNUNT!” !!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.49.35 AM

Kim Kardashian has not been using condoms [celebitchy]

Tatum O’Neil says she’s exclusively been diving for catfish in Ani D’Franco lake [boy culture]

Enrique Iglesias grabs a drone at his concert and chops his fingers up [dlisted]

Drake gets into shirtless #beastmode on Instagram [socialite life]

Mariah Carey and Olivia Newton John reunited at last [kenneth]

Here’s the hottest dad bod’s heating up Instagram [queerty]

RUSSIA: Several activists arrested at unauthorized Moscow Pride Event [joemygod]

Mozambique decriminalizes homosexuality with new penal code [towleroad]

Football athlete turned model Devin Goda photographed la nuit in NYC by Erik Carter [ohlala]

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