!! OMG, gossip: Madonna will take the stage at World Pride !!

It’s been confirmed [instinct]

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrate Pride month on Instagram [celebitchy]

Is Rocketman the queer positive biopic we deserve? [lainey]

Mandy Moore reaches the Mount Everest basecamp as the death toll rises [socialite life]

GoT actor Kit Harington has checked into rehab [mv]

Check out this Vintage Pride photogallery [gayety]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: Madonna will take the stage at World Pride"

  1. Scott Valentine! Wow, that takes me back! Once of my first unabashed, adult crushes and the first hints that I was attracted to men (and really needed to address it).

    I had a fiancee at the time, we used to watch “Family Ties”, and when he would come on, I would get all weak in the knees, “But you know… in a straight way…” PAID very close attention to which ear he had pierced (I got mine the same), even went for the look with the wild tangles of long hair! Ended the relationship with her and came out six months later.

    Interesting to see that Scott is 61 now (3 years my senior), and still ADORABLE! I’d marry him in a heartbeat (if I wasn’t already married).

    Idunno. Married now to my husband. Been together 21 years, married going on 6. He’s my crush; and the man who really is in my dreams. Sure, every now and then a cute guy with a bubble butt will still catch my attention (just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu), but I kinda miss those old days of secretly fawning and fantasizing over the Scott Valentines or Jon Erik Hexum’s.

    Is it maturity, stability or just old age?

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