!! OMG, gossip: Megan Rapinoe addresses Trump directly on AC360 ‘Your message is excluding people’ !!

Megan Rapinoe sat down with Anderson Cooper on AC360 Tuesday night, and spoke directly to Trump [towleroad]

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4 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Megan Rapinoe addresses Trump directly on AC360 ‘Your message is excluding people’"

  1. How sad. Instead of of celebrating what will probably her greatest lifetime achievement, she uses her time to be a victim of Trump.

    • Hey, that’s not true. She’ll be known forever.

      What about that guy…what’s his name who protested Pence. Why he’s a household name whatever that name is.
      I think he skated or something. There was definitely twirling involved. Was he Stevie Nicks?
      And tights. Maybe ice. Luge? Ice-diving? Tights for sure.

  2. He’s not the only one causing division. Maybe she should take a long look in a mirror.

  3. Babygirl save your breath, you may as well be talking to the wall. Everything you said, has been said over and over. He doesn’t comprehend or care. If it doesn’t stoke his ego, he doesn’t pay it any attention. The shitbags on foxnews will just figure out a way to call you unamerican for talkng against that shit stain but for 8 yrs, the couldn’t even give Obama the time of day.

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