!! OMG, gossip: Michelle Obama to appear on ‘Will & Grace’ reboot !!

It seems as if a ‘YASSSS’ is in order [towleroad]

Derek Hough went shopping topless, just because why not! [dlisted]

Every time a Carver twin gets naked or gay onscreen, an angel gets its wings [gay fleshbot]

Worlds collide! Gertie and Eleven meet! [lainey]

Adam Lambert and Aaron Carter share a gay hug on the red carpet [socialite life]

An African king is trying to stop a gay film from showing [instinct]

Steve Bannon exits White House, returns to working at Breitbart immediately [celebitchy]

RIP Comedian Jerry Lewis [boy culture]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Michelle Obama to appear on ‘Will & Grace’ reboot"

  1. I hope she does just to poke fun at the idiots who believe – or care about – this.

  2. Maybe you could get a part as a human being one day.

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