!! OMG, gossip: Nirvana sues Marc Jacobs !!

NIRVANA sues Marc Jacobs over smiley face design [evil beet]

Hookup app court case could change the face of Grindr for good [instinct]

Pete Davidson left a party with Kate Beckinsale [celebitchy]

Batman comic depicting Joker as gay, and in love with the Batman, is one of the year’s highest sellers [towleroad]

Ben Whishaw dedicated his Golden Globe win to queer defiance [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Brazil’s brand new president wastes no time on getting to the issues that really matter: Oppressing LGBTQ human rights [gay pop buzz]

Manila Luzon talks about that period gown that Ru wouldn’t let her wear because it was in ‘bad taste’ [dlisted]

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