!! OMG, Matt Damon just bought the most expensive condo in the history of Brooklyn !!

“Regular Joe” Matt Damon recently purchased a $17 million penthouse condo which is now officially the most expensive unit in Brooklyn. The condo was made by combining three other units into one massive penthouse over 6,000 square feet and features carrara marble throughout and hardwood floors made of rare Australian white oak. Check out some images of the his new pad after the jump!


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14 Comments on "OMG, Matt Damon just bought the most expensive condo in the history of Brooklyn"

  1. Welcome to NYC..these FKN prices are redic it’s exhausting and i’m ready to move

  2. Seriously? 17 million for that?

    • What’s weird is that a 2 bedroom will cost you a few million and require you to pay maintenance fees of thousands a month.
      Brooklyn is super trendy so lots of wannabe hipsters like him want to move there to pretend they’re urban and gritty while they live in their ivory towers. It’s tougher to find affordable housing in Brooklyn than Manhattan thanks to the folks with money to burn taking up three luxury units of a building for a house they’ll use a few weeks a year.

      So, yeah, how many illegal aliens could he house in that abode? Or is he expecting the rest of us to foot that bill while he hires an army of accountants to shield HIS wealth?
      I don’t have anything against a no talent achieving success. I just don’t like hypocrisy.

  3. Because he fears for his family once the refugees arrive? How do you know this? You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, Shecky.

    • You know, you CAN comment inline (under the comment to which you are replying). That way your comment won’t seem like such a non sequitor.


  5. Damon is a big supporter of open immigration like his pal George Clooney (who left his mones in Italy because he feared for the safety of his family once the refugees arrived.) How many undocumented aliens will Damon fit into his condo(s)? Or will he have armed security and barriers to keep his little home pristine?

  6. Shows just how far you can go in the Industry when you have zero talent.

    • Zero talent? What about…? Or…?
      Hey he wrote that completely original script about the plucky youngster who triumphed against all odds and used his super-human intelligence to win Minnie Driver. THen he had that movie about the zoo and the bus…?

      Ah forget it. It’s hard to believe that Ben Afflec turned out to be the more talented of the two.

  7. All the warmth and beauty of a hospital room.

  8. Max King Interior Design • Garden Design | January 9, 2019 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    Tribeca loft on steroids. Bold use of white—very original. Hire a decorator—me!

  9. Does it include his own private elevator so he doesn’t have to mingle with the common folk when he comes and goes?

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