!! OMG, gossip: Sara Gilbert supports ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne !!

Sara Gilbert says she stands by ABC’s decision to cancel Roseanne [towleroad]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Sara Gilbert supports ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne"

  1. So Roseanne made a stupid comment and today is Wednesday. Big deal. Channing Dungey made an emotional knee-jerk decision to immediately cancel Roseanne. ABC should cancel Channing Dungey. Did she even consider all the people she would be putting on unemployment because she wanted to show Roseanne who’s the boss? Including the audience? Roseanne is not the beginning and the end of racism. Instead of making a big show of quitting her job, Wanda Sykes should have confronted Roseanne and told her that she didn’t appreciate her comments. This is total snowflake behavior. Let’s make it a Federal case. The people who claim her comment was racist seem to be the racist people. They’re the ones who make it racist. People look for things to get upset about. Then they call for people to lose their jobs. At the end of the day, they can sleep soundly because they stood up and fought against racism. Yeah right.

  2. What an asshole. Sara would be out on the streets smoking crack had it not been for Roseanne. Classic all about Eve.

  3. So is Channing gay now that he’s divorced or

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