!! OMG, gossip: The Emmys to go host-less too? !!

The Emmys may go host-less [dlisted]

The many outfits of Tessa Thompson [lainey]

Madge’s Madame X dropped yesterday. Enter to win a free copy [boy culture]

Taylor Swift makes a surprise appearance at Stonewall [instinct]

Colbert rips Trump‘s embassy pride flag ban [towleroad]

Is Jessica Biel the latest anti-vaxxer celeb mom? [celebitchy]

Missy Elliott is the first female rapper inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame [socialite life]

Hulu has an abundance of male nudity just in time for pride month [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Gus Kenworthy calls out closeted atheletes [gayety]

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5 Comments on "OMG, gossip: The Emmys to go host-less too?"

  1. Sick of look at me award shows. Boring.

  2. Dude Missy Elliot was INDUCTED, not indicted!!!

  3. The more I see of him the less I like Gus. He has no right to to call people cowards for being afraid of something that is a very rational and grounded in reality fear. People fear being rejected for who they are, they fear losing everything for being who they are, they fear for their safety for being who they are, they fear messing up the one chance they have to do it right cuz they know they can’t take it back and do it again. He’s a skier and unless I’m mistaken your success as a skier isn’t really based on public perception it’s based on your actual skill. But acting, musicians, entertainers, modeling, etc, the big success of those is largely dependent on public perception of the person and one little thing like coming out of the closet as anything but heterosexual and cisgender CAN have a large and potentially negative impact on your career (which btw is where your bills and food come from so yeah it matters). So for Gus to have this flippant attitude of “it worked for me so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for everyone else” is so problematic and bothersome to me. Gus is a skier, they can’t be “cancelled” by cancel culture these days and people could hate him all they wanted but he will still be able to ski. The same cannot be said for actors musicians models etc if the public decides to turn on them for any little thing and cancel them then suddenly they don’t have a career cuz no company will want to be associated with them.

    And on a side tangent my other problem with Gus is the same problem I have with Adam Rippon. they come out of the closet and then suddenly they are everywhere, on Instagram posts, on sites like this sharing their Instagram thirst trapping, on articles, in interviews, guest stars on tv shows, the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong I think whoever their publicists are deserve a massive raise cuz they have managed to extend Gus and Adams 15 minutes well beyond what they normally would have been and I gotta hand it to them that they’ve gone about this whole fame thing very smartly and milked it dry. But even though they both may be gay and giving visual representation to our community, I’m getting massive Gus and Adam fatigue and part of me wishes they would just sit down and drink their mimosas at their brunches or whatever and let it go for a while so we can focus on other lgbt people for a while.

  4. In that Fleshbot compilation, they accidentally listed Departute twice when the second one is Freier Fall. Only pointing it out because Freier Fall (or Free Fall) is excellent and everyone should see it.

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