!! OMG, gossip: Vine co-founder found dead in NY apartment !!

HQ Trivia and Vine Co-founder, Colin Kroll, found dead of heroin and cocaine overdose in his New York apartment [evil beet]

Eskimo Brothers Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen [gay fleshbot NSFW]

San Diego pride to donate to $170K [gay pop buzz]

Emily VanCamp married her hot piece from Revenge [dlisted]

Do you know your LGBTQ 90’s!? [towleroad]

Octomom news!!! [celebitchy]

5 ways to see hot men outside of Tumblr… (SPOILER: Just read OMG!) [instinct]

Bathroom stall door with glory hole now on display in an Australian museum [cc]

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2 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Vine co-founder found dead in NY apartment"

  1. You misspelled Anderson Cooper’s last name. You spelled it as “Copper” when it’s spelled “Cooper.” Two “o”‘s, one “p,” not the other way around.

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