!! OMG, happy Friday! Hosted by Rihanna’s RAVE-themed baby shower !!

So Rihanna is bigtime preggos at the moment, and her boo Rocky was arrested in connection to a 2021 shooting – but it didn’t stop them from throwing a massive RAVE-themed baby shower on Friday night “because they felt it was important to surround themselves with family and close friends”

“They flew out some family and friends from Barbados,” says the source, who added that the invite list was “very intimate.”

The source adds that doing a shower together was always the plan, noting, “Rihanna didn’t want a shower for just the ladies, they’re in this together, it was always going to be a joint celebration.”

As for the theme, it’s no surprise the couple opted for something a little edgier than a simple brunch. “Rihanna has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun,” says ET’s source.

Guests wore neon outfits and were asked not take any pics or videos, and they got to take home these cute T-shirts to remember the occasion! Check out more of the baby shower rave swag after the jump! Hmmm… They should have given out Kikwear Phat Pants, Osiris skate shoes AND tennis visors if they really wanted to nail the look for guests!

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