!! OMG, has Dylan Efron officially surpassed his brother Zac’s level of hotness? !!

Serious question! Because we think the answer is a fat YES! Check out Dylan (aka Zac Efron’s brother) after the jump! (BIG if so!)


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28 Comments on "OMG, has Dylan Efron officially surpassed his brother Zac’s level of hotness?"

  1. No need to fight over him. He’s all yours. Gimme Zac.

  2. Well I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed, but Zack is way better looking. Just my opinion.

  3. NOT – Zac is godlike. Dylan is kinda cute. No comparison.

  4. he is hot!!!! I want him now

  5. I think he is. He could trim the beard a bit but his body hair and muscled adonis like physique is hot and natural looking. Zac is way buff now and is to the point to me that is unattractive. I prefer bods like this and Nick Jonas or Chris Pratt over the Rock or Zac Efron.

  6. No, he hasn’t.

  7. He is hotter because he is not contrived.

  8. Literally doing the whitest shit

  9. Zac who??? It’s not even a contest.

  10. Omg he must have a pretty cock!

  11. Wow! Amazing what you get when “Jabba the Hutt” isn’t in your gene pool!

  12. What does this guy actually do for a living?

  13. No, he’s hot, but Zac is so much handsomer.

  14. Definitely! Great body, not so muscular, nice hairy chest, gorgeous beard!

  15. Zac still has that something that his bro doesn’t. He’s hot though.

  16. OMG… How do we not have a full photo with him in the speedo?!

  17. Except for the extra yummy more hairyness on Dylan…Zac still is #1 with Dylan only a quarter point away…but then who cares they both make me rock hard… Would love to see their daddy shirtless too…

  18. Absolutly…not…(its a matter of taste) but Zac is still way ahead

  19. I’d do him !

  20. Yes, he’s very hot!

  21. Hot doesn’t describe this man. He is a sizzler !

  22. Nope, he just hasn’t got Zacs good looks .

  23. He is spectacularly hot!

  24. Well he looks more like a man and less like a Ken doll than Zac so I’d say yes.

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